Week 15 swimming pools ineffective video games 2021… We take care of each person of you who dedicate time to contribute in this community. Solutiontipster family is grateful to you.

It’s depressed that majority of the CANNOT attracts we submit here stop up among the attracts of the week. Please, we can possess to quiet now not relent.

…nonetheless, we also contribute largely to our field.

Somewhat than posting 10 ineffective video games that stop up producing two attracts, why now not submit edifying two or three video games that end result to 0/3? I imagine folk will take care of you more. Ethical?

And to the viewers, compare; you maybe cannot possess all the pieces on a platter of gold. Try to examine every proof you compare here earlier than deciding whether to abandon the number or now not. In the event you’re now not happy, merely skip the comment without inflicting nuisance.

Be told that admin enact now not approve feedback countering any posted ineffective game.

NOTE – It be a must to connect a proof to any ineffective game you submit, else your comment is now not going to be authorized. Here’s a compulsory inquire of. We don’t settle on each person to litter here with plate numbers. Post ideal ineffective video games with concrete proof in dispute that any person that has it as banker would possibly perhaps unbiased bid to either play or leave it. Pls

TWO – Henceforth, we are in a position to now not approve any individual posting bigger than 6 ineffective video games. Pls we settle on your simplest ideal.

THIRDLY – This thread is strictly for cannot attracts, whereas you’re now not tickled with the feedback, support yourself and abstain from visiting it.


For any individual whose 6 cannot attracts with proof delivers three(3) consecutive weeks… Admin will reward you with 2000 cash…

Pls jog on and submit your week 15 swimming pools ineffective video games..


IMPORTANT NOTICE – Scammers are on rampage in this blog. Any person that submit an advert (particularly those ones that sneak into banker or discussion room to submit indirect advert). In the event you contact them and moreover they inquire of for cost, verbalize the actual person that you would possibly perhaps deposit into the admins checking story.. Admin will hand him his money if the game delivers, else admin will refund you. If the person refuse, Walk!!! I won ‘t acknowledge to any text from any individual complaining of how he used to be scammed here. Peace.


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