WWE Superstar Has Been Suspended Indefinitely After Arrest In Florida – See Huge Crime Committed

WWE has officially suspended former WWE cruiserweight champion who was arrested in Florida recently.

According to Gainesville Police, the 26-year old former WWE cruiserweight champion Swann was arrested after arguing with his wife and fellow pro-wrestler Vannarah Riggs.

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Updates on the matter say the Wrestler Rich Swann is being held without bail in a Florida jail after he was arrested and charged with battery and false imprisonment.

The alleged incident began while the couple were arguing in a car, after Swann criticized Riggs’ wrestling performance at the 8 Seconds nightclub in downtown Gainesville earlier that evening, according to the police report obtained by Deadspin.

Police said that Riggs ‘was scared that their argument was going to escalate into physical violence’ and got out of the car, only to have Swann stop and exit the car to chase after her while yelling for her to get back inside the vehicle.

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A witness said that when Riggs refused to return to the car the first time, Swann put her in a headlock and dragged her back to the car. Once inside, the witness said, Riggs beat on the window and screamed for help.

Another witness told police that Swann was driving erratically and that Riggs jumped out of the slowly-moving car and ran away a second time. Swann was then seen getting out of the car, while it was still moving, to follow her.

When questioned by police, Swann denied having touched Riggs and said that she had gotten back into the car herself, according to the report.

• Swann also said that the reason he had chased after Riggs was that he was trying to get home and needed to use the GPS function on her phone. Swann was ultimately charged with battery and false imprisonment after arguing with his wife.

The WWE issued a statement on Sunday stating that Swann had been suspended indefinitely after the arrest, in keeping with the wrestling organization’s ‘zero tolerance for matters involving domestic violence.’
Swann and Riggs married nine months ago and had been in a relationship for five years before that, according to police.

Swann is due to appear in court Monday.

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