WWE NEWS: John Cena and Nikki Bella Caught Naked—Video Finally Goes Viral

The romantic relationship that has long been widely known to be going on between Nikki Bella and John cena has once again taken a new dimension as the duos completely go naked on the popular online video platform, Youtube.

They deliberately go crazy in fulfillment of their earlier promise of going naked when Nikki Bella’s youtube channel finally hits 500,000 subscribers

Here is a big exposure of how the WWE power couple John Cena and Nikki Bella hit a new trend this week and it all started when the duos reportedly got engaged.

Nikki’s YouTube account popularly known as “The Bella Twins” hit 500,000 subscribers, and being a woman of her word, she fulfilled a promise after hitting that goal: She and fiancee Cena pledged to go nude on YouTube once they got to 500,000 , and go nude they did.

They even did a little dance. Cena’s moves are priceless.
It was all rather funny. You can check it out by visiting her YouTube channel “The Bella Twins”

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