The World’s Highest-Paid Actors Revealed – Is The Rock Still Leading?

Actors in the real sense are entertainers and very famous people. The make the whole world of art fun and interesting.

In exchange for their character, they get paid and according to as it revealed, these entertainers earn huge sum of money. Below are the top names in the entertainment industry of the movie world.

First in the list is the a part time wrestler and a big time Hollywood actor, Dwayne the Rock Johnson receiving the sum of $64.5m. Another in the list is the famous comic actor Jackie Chan earning the sum $61M.

More so, Matt Damon and Tom Cruise takes the third and fourth position with Matt earning $55m whereas, Tom earning $53m. Jonny Depp earns $48m.

In case you didn’t know, Jonny Depp has been proven to be the most handsome actor of all times even though there are huge reactions to this by fans all across the globe. These were the few in the list as at 2016, the list for this year is yet to be revealed. Stay with us always for updates and latest information.

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