SHOCKING UPDATE: Investors Cry Aloud As Money Making Website “MMM” Finally Crashes — See Painful Details…

Disturbing news has started rocking the streets and homes of Nigerians as one of the pyramid investment swindle; a ponzi schemes in Nigeria, Ultimate Cycler crashed on Thursday morning.

Hence heavy fear has started growing in the heart and minds of lots of Nigerians who have resolved and invested heavily on MMM.

There have been warnings on MMM lately even though its growth seems to know no end – the government has said individuals should be careful as nothing goes for nothing but that is like kicking a dead elephant; it has no effect.

MMM which began November last year has garner over two million subscribers as at November this year and by November next year, there is a likelihood that it will hit nearly ten million subscribers if it continues in the same force it started with and if the company doesn’t crash.

Unlike MMM, Ultimate Cycler came with the punch that a member gets a return of N50,000 after paying N12,500 to a fellow member he or she registered under. They claimed they had better offer than MMM and indeed they did, at least for those who the money before the company crashed out.

When this report was being written, the Ultimate Cycler is still yet to come alive and members are beginning to worry out of the mind about it.

The ultimate fear is that, when websites like this crash, members who have invested starts worry if the site will ever come back to life again owing to the fact that the only connecting factor is the website. What a risk!

Now we dare ask, will Ultimate Cycler ever come back to life? And this is the ultimate question on the minds of every member of Ultimate Cycler.

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