Selena Gomez’s Mom Shocks The Audience About Her Daughter – Here’s What She Said…

Selena Gomez was radiant in all orange Oscar De La Renta at the premiere of 13 Reasons Why.

And Mom Mandy Teefy explained how Selena got her glow in an interview with Entertainment Tonight.
‘I think it was actually [from] taking a break’, said the mother of the star, referring to the 24-year-old’s three month hiatus from the spotlight this past summer.

The 40-year-old former manager said Selena’s break from the pressure of fame let her reconnect with her roots and ‘the real world.’

‘You asked what it is [like] to feel like you’re in this world,’ Teefy said to ET’s Katie Krause, ‘We’re in a bubble. It’s not a real world.’

She continued, ‘You don’t really realize it until you go out of this bubble and you’re like, “Oh, OK.”‘

The Dallas native said that her daughter’s choice to unplug last year help her refocus and get in touch with her true priorities in life.

‘And you know, with her, when she was becoming famous, I was like, “Aren’t you so shocked?”‘ Teefey continued, ‘It’s not an arrogant thing, it’s just your day to day, and that’s what your life becomes.’

Then when you go home, or [when I] go to my husband’s home in the Midwest, you’re like, “This isn’t really real.” That “all of this about me” and, you know, this lifestyle isn’t real.’

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