RUMOR : Rihanna Pregnant With Drake’s Baby… See Shocking Details…

Recently, Rihanna has been observed to be putting on weight and new has spawned that she could be pregnant and there’ve been rumors flying around that Rihana’s ex boyfriend is going to be a Daddy.

Drake has been dragged into the investigation as fans take to social media to argue over the probability that Drake & Rihanna might be expecting a child together.

The rumors seemed to have originated not too long after several blogs took to instagram to point out that she’s changed from her usual street style look to more of a baggy, boxy one to which the bloggers attributed to the songstress’ recent gain in weight to her change in style.

Fans were quick to comment on Rihanna’s recent weight gain, calling her “thick” and “healthy,” others have been skeptic, and saying that the weight gain has nothing to do with diet or workout regimen, rather that perhaps Rihanna may be hiding a baby bump underneath her baggy attire.

Holly Gozzip, took to Instagram to share several photos of Rihana’s street and later with captions to prove that the 29-year-old singer may perhaps be pregnant.

“Ok So…my mother is from Barbados and she’s OBSESSED with RiRi and she’s also a nurse and she believes based on the first photo — because of Rihanna’s plump cheeks and the way the shirt fits around her belly that she’s pregnant,” the blogger began.

The user continued by pointing out that Rihanna has been wearing “huge” outfits as of late before going on to speculate that Rihanna may be pregnant with Drake’s child after the duo were rumored to have been secretly dating at the beginning of this year.

Rihanna ignites the pregnancy rumors as she ditches her usual fitting clothes for a more baggy, boxy silhouette.

“Then I remembered that Rihanna keeps wearing these huge outfits. Do you guys think she’s pregnant and Omg what if it’s Drake’s,” the blogger explained.

The blogger then uploaded a second photo of Rihanna’s recent street attire, where the songstress can be seen wearing an off-the-shoulder button up shirt and jeans, before alleging that her stomach is “high” and “rounded,” which may be evidence of a growing baby belly.

Fans have taken to social media in drives to argument who may be the father of Rihanna’s rumored child, seeing as the songstress has not been steadily dating anyone the past several months.

Although, several fans have made it apparent that Rihanna and Drake seemed to be dating toward the end of last year, with the duo’s rumored romance having died out in October of 2016, which prompted the explosion of the rumor that perhaps Rihanna may be pregnant with Drake’s baby.

Despite the speculation, dedicated Rihanna fans were quick to point out that if Rihanna was, in fact, pregnant with Drake’s child based on evidence that the duo was rumored to have spent the night together following Rihanna’s acceptance of her MTV Video Vanguard Award in August, it would be much more obvious that Rihanna was pregnant seeing as nine full months have elapsed since the duo was last spotted together in public.

Similarly, other fans were quick to weigh-in with their thoughts on the attention surrounding Rihanna’s recent weight gain, noting that the singer has been busy working on a couple of movie projects lately which may have required her to gain weight in order to fill obligations of her role.

Rihanna is prolly adding all this weight for a movie but I’m not surprised u people r like this.

Regardless, it doesn’t appear that Rihanna is paying any mind to the rumors surrounding her alleged pregnancy; the songstress recently took to Instagram to happily promote her upcoming beauty line, Fenty Beauty by Rihanna, which is set to hit select Sephora stores this fall.

What do you think of the rumors suggesting that Rihanna is pregnant with Drake’s baby?

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