OMG! Nikki Bella Rejects A Great Offer – See What She Just Announced…

There’s always next chance!
Nikki Bella received an amazing offer on Wednesday’s episode of Total Divas. The WWE superstar was offered a spot on Dancing With the Stars, which she was so excited about. But Nikki has been working on her WWE comeback since getting cleared by her doctor and throughout the episode she debated whether or not she wanted to focus on her comeback or doing DWTS.

So what did she decide?
“I’m…I’m gonna pass,” Nikki told her agent. “I know it’s an amazing opportunity, but I just…I really want my comeback to be in that ring and nowhere else.”

Meanwhile, Lana and Rusev traveled to Bulgaria for their second wedding. But things became tense between the couple during Lana’s christening.

What caused her to get so upset with Rusev?
John Cena discusses wrestling with his wife, celebrities in the squared circle.
John Cena generated headlines at WrestleMania 33 when he proposed to Nikki Bella after their mixed tag victory over The Miz and Maryse. Cena has been off-camera ever since to work on his upcoming films – most notably, The Wall, which co-stars Aaron Taylor-Johnson – but has plans to return to Smackdown Live

Cena, who has granted more wishes than any celebrity or athlete in Make-A-Wish history, spoke with SI at his annual Make-A-Wish luncheon in Orlando where WWE hosted 39 wish kids whose wish was to attend WrestleMania and inducted those children into WWE’s Circle of Champions So many people have asked you to turn heel. You just visited children at a Make-A-Wish luncheon in Orlando during WrestleMania weekend and the children were ecstatic to see you. Does that provide you with more justification to remain your current character?

Cena: I don’t think everyone wants me to turn. There is a group of people that don’t like what they see, but the most important message I send is you can’t please everybody, never be ashamed to be who you are, and know that what you do affects people. I look at it as a way to provide hope for families that don’t go through what we consider a normal day by providing a smile and happiness. I look at WWE as a vehicle to provide an escape and happiness. That’s why I’m here every year, I believe in what we do.

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