NEW PAIGE VIDEO : WWE Sex-Tape Superstar Paige Got Alberto’s Big Attention

It was really a rush hour all through last month as the sex tape of the former WWE divas champion Paige was hacked and leaked online revealing her adult pics which seemed to be sordid to an extent.

While fans were going around blaming the diva and pouring out all manner of abuses on her, the Divas has remained very strong despite the things which befell her, coupled with the fact that she has her boyfriend, Alberto Del Rio to herself.

In case you didn’t know, British WWE star Paige was the victim of a phone hack which resulted in a series of explicit videos and photos being leaked online. It was the talk of WWE Universe, with some fans suggesting that Paige be released of her contract from the company.

Report has it that WWE star Paige’s husband Alberto Del Rio has launched an X-rated video of his own abusing a WWE boss – believed to be Triple H – and offering to fight trolls mocking his sex-tape star wife. All through the incidence, Del Rio had never left his girlfriend. Del Rio sent this words to WWE bosses saying:

“It’s not I am desperate for your support because you know me, Alberto El Patron don’t give a f*** if you support us or not.
“For the ones who support us, thank you so much.

“For the p**** ones – who hide behind a keyboard talking s*** about my baby – f*** you.

“You don’t have the balls to be where I am or stand in front of me and say what you say behind a keyboard. “You remind me of one of the bosses in the WWE with a big f****** nose. Just a big f****** p****
“One more time, for the ones supporting us, thank you so much.

“For the ones not supporting us, go and f*** yourself.

“And, if you have the balls, just knock on my door.
“I live in San Antonio, I have a restaurant, just try and fight me there, if you have the balls.

“If you have the balls to say something bad about my wife in front of me, have the balls to show up, b****.”

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