NBA TRADE NEWS: Paul George Set To Join Cavaliers – See Why…

According to report revealed to us by Stephen A. Smith that Paul George Is set to join Cavaliers only if LeBron James is set to stay on a long term. He must have always had dreams of being a college football coach. He told the Pacers that his plans for next summer are to sign with the Cavaliers.

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Despite the fact that he has revealed his interest in joining the Los Angeles Lakers in the summer of 2018, but it appeared that the player is considering of changing his mind by Joining the Cleveland Cavaliers as soon as this summer.

James and George have had many battles on the basketball court, and it seems like two of them have great respect for one another and it will be a great achievement for both players to play as a team.

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However, LeBron James who has two years left on his contract with Cavaliers can attract some superstars to join Cavaliers some far they wish to play with him as a team in the court. Paul George was aware of James contract and he can only come to Cavaliers if James contract was extend for a long term.

Can LeBron James extend his contract at Cleveland Cavaliers to bring more talented players to Cavaliers?

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