NBA NEWS: LeBron James Set To Join Los Angeles Lakers – See Why…

The Superstar LeBron James is set to go home and join Lakers. After his returned to the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2014, though there are some speculations that his going to finish his career in Northeast Ohio.

According to report from Adrian Wojnarowski, he said LeBron is set to join Los Angeles Clippers or Los Angeles Lakers after the player intends to opt out his after the 2017/18 season.

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James would feel happier leaving Cleveland the second time since he help the Cavaliers win a NBA championship in 2016. James may simply want to play for another team. The Cavaliers are almost $27 million over the cap heading into next year, so they have little flexibility with which they can improve the roster

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The Lakers, on the other hand, may be better positioned in 2018 to challenge Golden State but the Lakers would need to acquire a marquee star before then. However, Los Angeles contract could be in a stronger place than the Cavaliers a year from now and each could give James an opportunity to build a new and different superteam.

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