Justin Bieber Finally Gets Destroyed — See What Happened To Him

Trust it or not, Justin Bieber is really an entirely talented hockey player.

The Biebs says he binds up the skates each shot he gets, and he’s showed his gifts in the past by posting recordings of great plays to online networking accounts.

Be that as it may, there’s a contrast between tutoring your companions in an impromptu game and really taking the ice against folks who play as a profession – a lesson Justin took in the most difficult way possible amid the current week’s NHL All-Star Celebrity Shootout:

That is 6’6″ 220-pound previous NHL defenseman Chris Pronger unmistakably getting a charge out of the damnation out of laying out a ruthless body beware of Bieber.

As should be obvious, Justin didn’t discover the experience very as charming.

“I was giving him somewhat back rub in the corner,” Pronger said of the hit, which has been commended far and wide via web-based networking media.

Pronger really went quite light on Bieber, yet the vocalist obviously didn’t value the discipline.

As anyone might expect, the epic photograph has made Pronger something of an Internet people legend.

Pronger effectively stuck one of the VIP world’s most infamous douche spouts to the sheets, even the leader of the NHL’s Department of Player Safety got in on the demonstration with a joke tweet that many accepted to be genuine:

“The Department of Player Safety will have a hearing tomorrow morning with Chris Pronger for his Check from Behind on @justinbieber,” Damian Echevarrietta tweeted.

Luckily, he was joking, and there’s no way of Pronger being trained for his chivalrous deed.

To improve the story even, there’s a motivational component to Bieber having his face smushed into the glass for our diversion.

Pronger hasn’t played since 2011 because of extreme post-blackout disorder.

In spite of the fact that he’s not formally resigned, he’s not anticipated that would come back to hockey.

The 42-year-old previous MVP has said in meetings that sometime in the past he was not able skate, and that he trusted he could never have the capacity to play hockey with his children.

So for some fans, simply observing the man back on the ice was a treat.

The way that he straightened Bieber was quite recently the what tops off an already good thing.

The sweet, sweet good to beat all…

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