Chelsea FC: Finally Goodbye To Chelsea Coach Antonio Conte — See Who’s Replacing Him

It’s a rather poorly kept secret that there’s a fair amount of ongoing palpable discord between Chelsea’s first team coach Antonio Conte and the club’s hierarchy, the situation having worsened continuously since the start of the current season. Due to these circumstances and the largely disappointing season thus far, there are a lot of signs that seem to be pointing towards an exit of the Italian coach.

While the fan base is largely divided in its opinion regarding the matter whether or not Conte should stay, European media outlets have constantly been linking Chelsea with various different candidates, Thomas Tuchel, Luis Enrique, and Carlo Ancelotti representing a few possibilities. Most of these potential coaches haven’t necessarily filled supporters with confidence as each of them brings certain risks with them, though this will be the case for more or less any incoming manager. Among all these mentioned names, one stands out for me: Maurizio Sarri.

The comparison of players’ individual records pre and post Sarri is quite stunning and we note how Sarri integrates young players is something which will be especially appealing for some of our fans. Consequently, the Italian coach’s preference to utilize the squad to its best extent instead of being active in the transfer market (which he reportedly despises) will be music to the ears of the Chelsea board.

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