CELEBRITY DEATHS PREVIEW: See Percentage Of Celebrities Expected To Pass Away This Year…

All through the year 2000 to 2016, massive celebrity death was recorded and it was not pleasant at all for the entertainment and sports world alike.

As at last year, top celebrities such as David Bowie, Carrie Fisher, Prince, and Debbie Reynolds were recorded dead.

Statistics has it that much celebrity died last year than in 2015. The beginning of this year revealed as though the death percentage will be higher than ever but it may really be as we think.

Unlike before, there are more celebrities now than before as even social media is also helping to raise celebs of various kinds. Well, as the case may, the higher the celebrities, the higher the death rates.

Anyway, the good news for this year is that it has been proven beyond doubt that smaller percentage of celebrities is to pass away this year. Report has it that the New York Post published an article in which it claims 2017 will be an awful year for celebrity deaths.
Furthermore, Statisticians has it that the number of celebrity deaths in 2017 should be much lower, as the last years’ numbers are expected to occur once every 200 years.

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