BREAKING NEWS: WWE Smackdown Superstar Dolph Ziggler Finally Announces Retirement — End Of Wrestling Career

WWE Superstar Dolph Ziggler is apparently fed up with the company and could be inches away from eventually quitting having suffered a mid-card career for a pretty while.

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The WWE Smackdown Superstar has been very vocal about his dissatisfaction lately and in recent months, he is said to have told the management of his intention to leave if something is not done to somewhat push him up the ladder.

WWE Smackdown on Tuesday night, Dolph Ziggler shocked everyone when he dragged the fans for supposedly not appreciating him, then he laid down his title belt, and walked out of the ring – and wrestling in general – certainly for good.

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According to a report by CBS News, speculations about Dolph Ziggler quitting wrestling have been gaining substance for a while now and what he did at and Tuesday night show seems to be the height of it; everyone was taken aback, hanging between awe and disbelief.

One other point worthy to note about Dolph’s WWE career is that his contract expires very soon and throughout his career, he’s never been promoted particularly hard, despite his lengthy list of accomplishments.

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Dolph himself mentioned this in his farewell speech. Dressed in a suit, Ziggler held his belt across his shoulder while telling the crowd about all he’s accomplished in his career, including his first U.S. Title win back in 2011, five Intercontinental Title victories, and his World Heavyweight Championship cash-in, among others. Then, he screamed at the audience that they’re not worthy of his presence. The crowd booed and jeered while Dolph, seemingly fighting back tears, said, “You don’t deserve me.” He then laid down his belt and walked off the stage – apparently for good.

Having said that, Dolph could be looking to move to another quarter where he could also entertain his fans just as John Cena, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Hulk Hogan, and many other wrestlers before him. We shall b ring you updates as information become available to us.

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