BREAKING: Kate Henshaw Threatens Nigeria Comedian’s Career – Reasons Will Shock you…

Akpororo lately received the threat of his life ever since his lifetime as a comedian. Kate Henshaw brought to the notice of all in the entertainment industry what respect should be.

Sometime in July, Akpororo advertised Kate Henshaw in his show Akpororo vs Akpororo which should come up on July 8 2016 but report has it that Kate was not pleased with the advert because she was not aware of the whole plan. The event was scheduled to hold at Eko Hotel is not happy.

Source has it that Kate Henshaw gave Akpororo 48 hours to remove her image and name from the publicity materials for his show. Below was what she said:

“There is a thing called RESPECT in this industry. The sooner people recognize this. The better it will be for all. Do not take my smile and simplicity for stupidity!

Notice of 48hrs is hereby given to the organizers to remove my name and image from all publicity associated with this event. Thank you.”

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  1. Francis Ayomikun

    May 26, 2017 at 12:53 pm

    Good work… I love ur articles…

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