Actress Nadia Buari Goes Selfless On Her Birthday

A very wise saying by the most renowned playwright, poet and novelist, Williams Shakespeare reads, ‘’How sharper than a serpent’s tooth it is to have a thankless child”.

The popular Gollywood actress, Nadia Buari turns 33 about two years ago and she really did expressed herself in a manner that no one would have ever imagined. Before she cut her birthday cake, she was supposed to make a wish but she discovered she had nothing to wish for so, she made wishes for others.

She said: “It dawned on me after over 10mins in trying to figure out exactly what I wanted to wish for before I cut my cake on my 33rd birthday that I basically had everything I ever wanted…and so I ended up making wishes for people.

I’m so at peace in my life right now…so happy and balanced. I cannot thank God enough for what He’s done in my life, for bringing me to where I am today. The fact that He made it known to me, that where I am in my life is just mediocrity; that He has higher expectations for me…

He taught me that I can overcome those seemingly impossible things just by listening to His voice; obeying, and holding His hand every step of the way. God, I thank You”!

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